Witches Hats Stitch Markers - set of 6

$9.00 USD


Product Description

Set of 3 witches hat markers with set of 3 coordinating snag free rings (knitting) or 3 lobster clasp hooks (crochet).

A witches hat is a focus for a witches power, why not let a little of that magic help you knitting.

Each hat is made from polymer clay, no paint has been used on these stitch markers, just tiny pieces of clay. As each bead is made individually without molds there will be slight variances between each marker.

Each marker measures approx 1.8cm to 2 cm.

Please indicate at checkout if you would prefer knit or crochet markers (lobster clasp or wire hook).

Please indicate for knit markers what size needle you would like them to accomodate.All Knit stitch markers are made with snag free hoops.If you would prefer this as a set of earrings and a pendant or keyring or cell charm, let me know. I'm happy to convert at no extra charge.

Polymer clay is tough stuff, but there are delicate pieces of some of the charms, so please handle with care!

Witches Hats Stitch Markers - set of 6

Welshmillie's Whimsies

**Did you know that any beads or charms can be added to a key chain/earrings/necklace/bracelet/charm bracelet/book mark/wine charms/cell dangly? Convo me if you are interested!**

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