Item collection 1634974 original Gallery hero 1634974 original

Hand Knitted iPod Cozy in Blues and Green


Item collection 1914493 original Gallery hero 1914493 original

Frankenparts Stitch Markers - set of 6


Item collection 1914503 original Gallery hero 1914503 original

Greek Gods Stitch Markers - Set of 6


Item collection 1900483 original Gallery hero 1900483 original

Personalised Wine Glass Charms


Item collection 1900464 original Gallery hero 1900464 original

Goin' Fishin' Stitch Markers - Set of 6


Item collection 1635081 original Gallery hero 1635081 original

Handmade Glow in the dark Spooky Bookmark


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Welshmillie's Whimsies

**Did you know that any beads or charms can be added to a key chain/earrings/necklace/bracelet/charm bracelet/book mark/wine charms/cell dangly? Convo me if you are interested!**

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